angular html5mode routing with yeoman and rails

04 February 2014

When using Angular's HTML5 location mode you need to find a way to serve index.html even when the GET request hits a deep link. e.g. a direct request to /products/35 needs to return the contents of index.html in order to fire up your angular app. Perhaps my google-fu was weak yesterday but I couldn't find any great examples of doing this when using yeoman and rails.

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stripe ctf 3 thoughts

30 January 2014

Stripe runs a yearly programming challenge which presents a sequence of increasingly difficult programming challenges. This year the focus was on distributed systems. I was able to finish all the levels in the first day but had to spend more time to maintain a place on the leaderboard for level4. I didn't spend any time optimizing earlier levels, so most of my thoughts will be on level4.

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